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Friday, May 13, 2011

Ferdinand Marcos - Dovey Beams Scandal

You are about to read the what I call the King of Scandals. If I call the Hello Garci Scandal as the Queen of Scandals because it involved the former Pres. Gloria Arroyo, the Ferdinand Marcos - Dovey Beams Scandal is what I call the King of all Scandals in the Philippines because it involved the former President and dictator Ferdinand Marcos. This scandal was as scandalous as the the Katrina Halili Hayen Kho scandal.

Last day, I was window shooping in an SM Mall when I came accross a Powerbooks bookstore. I went in to scan for new titles in finance and investing and economics because these are my favorite subjects. After reading some books, I was supposed to go out but one book in one of the shelves caught my attention. The title of the book is Mondo Marcos : Writings On Martial Law and the Marcos Babies. This book caught my attention because I have been looking for a book that talks about the life during the Marcos years. I was born in 1980's so I do not know the life during those years.

As I was leafing through the pages, I ran accross a line that says "Marcos is the first to ejaculate in airwaves". This line caught my attention and made my eyebrows met. As I continued to read I realized that it was about the s3x scandal tape that involved Ferdinand Marcos and Dovie Beams.

Dovie Beams was a sexy Hollywood star who came here in the Philippines to film "Maharlika" in 1970. This movie is based on the story of Marcos during World War II that tells the brave undertaking and war exploits by a group of soldiers lead by Ferdinand Marcos.
However, Dovie Beams became the mistress of Marcos. Unknown to Marcos, Dovie hid tape recorder under the bed when they made love.

When Imelda Marcos learned about the affair of Marcos with Dovey, Imelda forced him to leave Dovey. Ferdinand Marcos then went to Dovey and dumped her. Days later, Dovey fought back by holding a press conference and playing the s3x scandal tape. The tape was recorded by the media. In the University of the Philippines Diliman campus it was played over and over with a loudspeaker. Soon the entire nation was listening in their radio sets to the begging of Marcos for Dovey to perform an oral s3x.

Some said that this scandal was one of the reasons why Marcos declared Martial Law because the tape was used by the opposition.

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