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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oblation Run Pictures Scandal

Oblation Run is an annual event held by faternity Alpha Phi Omega every December in the University of the Philippines- Diliman. This is the one of the most awaited events in the said university. Many students from other shools from far-flung provinces and foreigners fly to this place just to see what they have always wanted to see. In this event, the Oblation runners mimic the Oblation statue which depict a naked man with arms wide open which symbolizes unconditional love and service for the country. No, the Oblation runners do not pose like a naked statue. They run naked inside the lobby of Palma Hall, bring rally slogans and shout out their protests against government corruption, injustice and many more.

So, girls, women, men and gays flood this area early in the morning so that they will not miss to see what they have always wanted to see. When the event starts, Palma Hall is so cowded and women, men and guys push each other so that they can get closest to the Oblation runners. When they have the first glimpse of the Oblation runners, women and gays scream as if it's the happiest day of their lives. So you have come a long way to download, see or watch Oblation Run pictures, photos, and videos?. Instead of downloading them from the internet, I recommend that you come to UP-Diliman this coming December and watch then live. This is quite more exciting than looking at pictures and watching videos.

There are some controversies around the Oblation run event. There was a report that Sen. Enrile pushed to ban an oblation run because he thought that it is scandalous.Obaltion Run scandal. This was after an oblation run was held by another chapter of APO outside UP-Diliman, somewhere in the city of Manila. Personally, I really do not think that Oblation is scandalous and therefore should be banned. Running naked for a valid cause is no way a scandalous one. It is a type of expression and an effective means to get across an important message to the people. If a naked run is done for nothing then it should be banned. But when it is done the way UP students do, I don't see anything wrong with it. I believe that intellectual and intelligent people never see it scandalous or dirty. Uneducated, dumb and narrow-minded people do.

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